The Cryptids series from the Lithuanian Mint continues along its path of weirdness with two new issues for March

Last month saw the debut of the first in the Lithuanian Mint’s new ‘Cryptids’ series, taking a look at some of the world’s more fascinating mythological creatures. The difference here, is that they fall into that mysterious category of creatures that some people believe are real, and walking amongst us today, or are at least popular stories still regularly told.

The first was Baba Yaga, an Eastern European spirit, but true to the promise of the series, we’re off to the Caribbean for Rolling Calf next. Native to Jamaica, a duppy is a spirit, sometimes described as a soul of the dead. They come in many varieties, one of the most dangerous being the Rolling-calf. A shapeshifter, often seen as a goat, it is the manifested soul of a very bad person, wreaking havoc wherever they roam. The coin depicts the spirit head on, in the visual style that marks out this series. It’s very unique and quite indistinct, perhaps a nod to the equally indistinct nature of the mythology surrounding the Rolling Calf.

The second coin subject is one that needs little introduction or description. Dwarves are especially well known in popular culture, especially since the phenomenally successful Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies over the last couple of decades, and the myriad games that feature them. The depiction is a classic one, with an aged dwarf, holding a hammer, and with the coolest beard/hair combo in coin history!

Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a cardboard box. The first coin also comes with a gatefold binder and these two will slip into it in spots marked out specifically for them, as will the rest of the series. The Rolling Calf will be available from the 15th, with the Dwarf coming on the 27th. Both retail for €109.00. Moving forward, the rest of the series will debut one-per-month, with April seeing the launch of the Curupira, and May the Bunyip, ending with the 12th coin, the Yeti, in December. We liked the promise shown with the first coin. We like the series even more now.

COMPOSITION 31.1 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique