CIT’s superb Revolutionaries series adds Karl Marx and we have a new Coin Series Profile up



A range of coins I’ve always had a lot of time for, after seeing the superb smartminted re-issue of the Chinggis Khan coin at the 2016 World Money Fair in Berlin, Revolutionaries is, on the surface, a simple 1oz silver coin series. It depicts famous, or infamous, revolutionary figures from history and does so with a quality of implementation better than any other series featuring human faces on modern coins, in our view.

This is the fifth year of issue, although only the fourth figure to be covered. Karl Marx is the hirsute individual on display this time, not to be confused with Uncle Albert from Only Fools & Horses. It’s another superb rendition. For those that prefer to collect the tiny minigold coins, you’ll be pleased to see one on offer, and it’sone that uses CIT’s Big Gold Minting to expand the coin out from 11 mm to almost 14 mm.

We’ve produced a full Coin Series Profile to the range and it’s full of info on the series and the subjects, including a gallery and some video’s. A highly recommended collection. The Karl Marx issues should ship near the end of March.