The big chunky Tyrannosaurus Rex appears in fossil form for PMC’s latest big chunky coin

A new addition to Precious Metal Collector’s growing range of Prehistoric-themed coins debuts today, and features a beast that pretty much everybody knows – Tyrannosaurus Rex. Like the ammonite coin that launched last week, this one has the animal in fossil form, although for obvious reasons, not a real one this time.

The animal is depicted as a skull only, a sensible choice given T. Rex has a very distinctive one, with its bone-crushing teeth (believed to be the strongest bite force of any terrestrial animal in history), and it’s set in the original rock matrix. The obverse has a close-up of part of the skull, also still shown embedded in rock.

There are two versions, with a combined mintage of 688 pieces. Our favourite is the antique finished one, with the coloured reverse face. It’s a little vibrant for me (PMC call it ‘pop-art’ colouring), but the antiquing suits it well. The other is fully gilded except for the reverse face skull. We like the contrast on the reverse face, but the obverse is less successful for me. Gilding tends to blur fine detail, while antiquing seems to enhance it. Overall though, it’s an impressive depiction.

One of the producers “Bi-Metal Reverse” coins, it has an ounce of silver in its composition, but still achieves 90x70mm in size, aided by the 14 oz of copper. The coin comes boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is available to order now. An interesting release.



Humans have been fascinated by dinosaurs since the first fossils were found. These giant predecessors to the forms of life that are present on earth today have captured the imagination of generations. Adjustments have been made over the years to the understanding that we have of each kind of dinosaur as science learns more about this time period. The T. rex is one of the most famous dinosaurs, and children and adults alike are intrigued by these giant dinosaurs. While our understanding of this dinosaur has changed a lot over the years, this is still one of the most iconic dinosaurs of all time.

Various famous T. rex skeletons exist in museums around the world, and people pay to see these skeletons to be awed by the size of this dinosaur. This rendering of the famous T. rex is just the skull, but this is one of the most incredible parts of this dinosaur due to its size. The T. rex is one of the largest of dinosaurs that ever walked the earth, and one can tell this immediately when one sees even a small part of this dinosaur’s skeleton. The impressive teeth and the heavy jaws of this T. rex are impressive even in an artistic form.

DENOMINATION 5,000 Francs CFA (Chad)
COMPOSITION 31.1 g of 0.999 silver with 14.0 oz copper
DIMENSIONS 90.0 x 70.0 mm
FINISH Antique/Colour or Gilded
MODIFICATIONS High-relief, copper-core