The 2023 World Money Fair is here, new updates, and say hello to Cossack!

Say hello to Cossack, our new mascot. I really wasn’t keen on a new cat after losing Burka just before Christmas, but a series of weird coincidences led us to this little fella. He’s a rescue, a year old, has a head like a battering ram (which is handy, because that seems to be his favourite use for it…), and extremely friendly. He’s going to fit right in, although we still miss our little lady a lot.

We’re continuing to refine behind the scenes, and updating slowly, some of our old articles that progress has broken a bit. Recent updates to profiles continue apace, and there have been a couple of new additions. The Thematic Guides are still in progress, and the DC Comics one should be finished next week. We took a detour to knock up a CSP to the Royal Mint’s terrific ‘British Monarchs’ series of numismatic remasters. For the first time, I’m actually happy with the template for these now, and will transition some of the older ones over to the new format later this year, when it gets a bit quieter.

Tomorrow sees the 2023 World Money Fair kick off, after a two-year hiatus. To say we were looking forward to going was an understatement, but a medical appointment that couldn’t be moved without repercussion, has killed it for us. The word ‘disappointment’ is an understatement, and it’s the first one we’ve missed since the site went live in late 2013 (yes, we’re 10 this year!!!). However, site coverage of new issues will go on, and we’re already swamped with new and exciting releases. Because of this, articles will be lighter on text than usual, as we try to cover as much as possible. Visuals will do more of the heavy lifting. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like. Enjoy the coverage.