The 12 Guides of Christmas: Number 1 – The 9 Dragons by MK Coins

It’s been an extremely busy November, and we’re still dealing with a huge backlog, not counting the new ones we’ve had in just the last few days. However, it’s a one-man site, and there are limits, and frankly, I’m running on mental fumes at the moment. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll catch up the best we can.

We haven’t produced as many of our various profiles as we’d have liked, so we’re doing a “12 Guides of Christmas” thing, giving me the chance to catch-up in a more casual way, as these are more enjoyable to put together, and less time intensive. I’ll try to do three per week through December. The first of them is MK Coins impressive ‘The 9 Dragons’ series. The fourth of the nine has just debuted, so we’ve taken the opportunity to put together the Coin Series Profile (CSP), which rounds up the previous three issues, and this new one, The Fire Dragon. All the big images we’re known for are there, as well as the videos.

Feel free to add any suggestions for others in the comment section below. Not all will be possible at short notice, but many will be. We definitely have an East India Company ‘Una & the Lion’ CSP, and one for the Czech Mints ‘Tanks’ range, mainly because recent articles have reminded us how good they are, and because we’ve missed a few earlier issues on site. I’d like to do CIT minigold, and also CTK’s stackable bullion, but that’s a lot of coins. We’ll have to see. In the meantime, enjoy this one.