The 12 Guides of better late than never: #8 – Black Flag by The Perth Mint

Yes, I know I utterly failed in my over-ambitious attempt to do a ’12 Guides of Christmas’, but we did get seven of them out, and they are continuing. The eighth of them is now live, and features the Perth Mint/APMEX bullion series, Black Flag. This was a late choice, brought about the release this week of the fifth in the series, and this seemed as good a time as any to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

We’ve been very busy on other fronts. Also released by APMEX this week is the latest in the outstanding Icons of Inspiration bullion series, so we’ve added the eighth issue, Johannes Gutenberg, to that profile. In addition, we’ve also added the two new Chibi coins to our infamous profile of that huge seres.

To round out the main updates, and the one that took an age to sort the images out for, is the new DC Comics Trading Coin range from the New Zealand Mint, which has been added to what is already one of our biggest profiles, now covering over 150 individual coins.  You can find the DC coins on page 3, following the earlier Star Wars, and Marvel Comics ranges. Let us know in the comments if the page loads okay for you, as it’s already a big article, and we may have to look at splitting it up if it gets unwieldy.