The New Zealand Honey bee coin gets a sequel featuring the incredible Manuka Honey

The buzz is back with the New Zealand Post finally releasing a sequel to the pretty cool hexagonal Honey Bee coin from 2016. A popular coin that sold out its 1,500 mintage very quickly, we were surprised there was no 2017 coin, but it’s back regardless. More of a visual variation on the first coin, the second one has the sought after Manuka honey as its subject – so sought after it sells six times as much worldwide as is actually produced and counterfeiting is rife.

This coin, like the first, is hexagonal in shape and struck in an ounce of fine 0.999 silver. Designed to mimic the bees honeycomb structure, the pronounced rim adds greatly to the effect of a cell. A new artist has designed this one. Jonathan Gray of the New Zealand Post has done the honours and a fine job at that. Depicting a pollen-laden bee on a Manuka flower picked out in colour on one side, it’s complimented by a resin dripping of honey on the other. The title and denomination are inscribed here.

The obverse is, as usual, the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank Broadley, along with issuer (New Zealand), date and head of state inscriptions. Packaging apes the first coin – a very clever cell-shaped clear-coloured box that suits the coin perfectly and holds a certificate of authenticity. The mintage has risen from 1,500 to 2,018 pieces but the price has remained at $149.00 NZD. Struck by the excellent BH Mayer in Germany, this looks to be a fine addition to the first coin and we hope there’s another one next year. Available from the NZ Post website, or from sponsors like Minted-UK and Powercoin.


Rather than avoiding the common mānuka shrubs and trees, beekeepers are now placing their hives in areas that are densely populated with the fragrant, native plant. Although there is no way to encourage bees to go specifically to mānuka flowers, placing the hives nearby does mean that there is likely to be a higher concentration of mānuka in the final honey product.

The Mānuka Honey coin follows the success of our 2016 Honey Bee coin. The hexagonal shape has been used again as it represents honey bees and the honeycombs they use for storage. Coloured resin is used to depict the rich, golden colour of mānuka honey, and can be seen dripping from a wooden dipper. A digitally printed honey bee is perched on a whitish-pink mānuka flower. Other engraving techniques give further depth to this beautiful coin.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIAMETER 46.00 x 40.00 mm
MODIFICATIONS Colouring and Resin
BOX / COA Yes / Yes