Stylish new Mozart bullion coin debuts for Palau in a range of gold and silver sizes

The golden age for bullion coin choice continues with an unexpected new release commissioned by large and respected Austrian/German bullion dealer Philoro Edelmetalle. Available in a one-ounce silver and in 1 / ½ / ¼ ounce gold formats, this new coin has a theme very rarely found in bullion – the arts. Depicting one of the world’s greatest composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this would be a fine companion piece to the Austrian Mints Philharmonic.

The first thing that strikes you about this coin is the high level of detail for bullion. The reverse face depicts a portrait of Mozart surrounded by a quill to the left and a flurry of musical notation around the rest. The inscription ‘WOLFAGANG AMADEUS MOZART 1756-1791’ is well placed and sympathetic to the artwork. The notes, Mozart’s hair, and the feather all retain a huge level of detail, actually giving up little to a proof coin in that regard. It helps that the artwork is of a very high standard, designed by the artist Tom Pohnert.

The obverse, often an afterthought on a bullion coin, is also covered in custom artwork much like Euro coins in general. Depicting a view of Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, it’s also full of detail. The shield emblem of Palau, the issuing country, sits centre-bottom with the denomination below it. Palau actually uses the US dollar for currency, so it has value in that regard as well and may have enhanced appeal in the United States as a result.

The silver is struck in four-nines silver (99.99%), which while it seems to be appearing on more and more bullion coins lately, still remains a relative rarity. The gold is even rarer, coming in at five-nines in purity (99.999%). All things considered, this is a very interesting coin with lots of appeal. If it’s successful we understand that it might develop into a series, but there’s no further information yet. It’s available to buy now, we have a silver one here that we’ll photograph and video shortly. Prices look pretty reasonable, especially for the quality, no doubt aided by the unlimited mintage. The Philoro link is in our usual blue-button at the end of the article where you can buy the coin.



The philoro Mozart Coin USD is a world first. It is the first bullion coin dedicated to Mozart, probably the most famous composer of Viennese Classic. The bullion coins are an official means of payment, the nominal value is denominated in US dollars. Its exceptional fineness of 999.99 for gold and 999.9 for silver is rare in the market and is another characteristic that sets it apart from other bullion coins.

The Mozart gold bullion coin is available with a weight of one ounce with a nominal value of $200, of half an ounce with a nominal value of $100 and of quarter an ounce with a nominal value of $50. The Mozart silver bullion coin is available with a weight of one ounce with a nominal value of $5. It can be purchased with different taxation.

The obverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Mozart, surrounded by sheet music and a feather quill, as well as the inscription “WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART 1756 – 1791.” On the reverse, the nominal value, the metal type (with the degree of fineness) and the famous image of the old town of Salzburg are shown.

The manufacture of this unique and beautiful bullion coin only uses raw materials that have been certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) standard.





$10 PALAU 0.9999 SILVER 31.1 g 40.0 mm BULLION UNLTD NO / NO
$50 PALAU 0.99999 GOLD 7.78 g 20.0 mm BULLION UNLTD NO / NO
$100 PALAU 0.99999 GOLD 15.5 g 25.0 mm BULLION UNLTD NO / NO
$200 PALAU 0.99999 GOLD 31.1 g 32.0 mm BULLION UNLTD NO / NO