Down they stay. Perth and US Mints bullion sales continue an epic bad year with a terrible November

We we’re hoping for better news this month as the year draws to a close, but it seems that bullion coin sales at both the Perth and United States Mints, remain firmly on the floor. No bright spots or signs of hope this month as every metric is showing big negatives compared to October 2017, November 2016, or over the year to date.

GOLD EAGLE: Sales sat at 12k/oz in November. That’s par for the course this year but mind-numbingly bad compared to previous annual sales figures. Last November saw sales of over 147k/oz, so this year represents a staggering drop of 92%. It isn’t just an isolated example either, with year-to-date numbers down a huge 73%. To put that into perspective, last November sales of 147,500 ounces are more than this year has accumulated from February to November COMBINED! The Buffalo fares no better, with drops equally as bad.

SILVER EAGLE: Once the shining example of how popular silver bullion coins had become, ASE numbers are running at less than half of last years when you combine Jan-Nov sales numbers. The drop is 88% for this November compared to November 2016. At 385k/oz, it’s the worst November numbers of the last five years by an incredible 1.9m/oz. Only three months this year have not posted the poorest equivalent numbers of the last five years, and those that didn’t avoided the honour by small amounts.

PERTH GOLD: Numbers also down at the Perth Mint, although the drop is not as catastrophic. The worst November we have numbers for though, and the first time that year-to-date sales have dropped below 400k/oz. Overall however, they’re down a relatively modest 25% compared to 2016 – itself an average year.

PERTH SILVER: The one bright spot last month has faded again. We have Perth numbers going back to 2013 and this is the worst November by a third. They’ve not dropped below 800k/oz over that period, so Nov 2017 breaking below 550k/oz must be worrying. Year-to-date, like gold, is down a quarter on last year.

Take a look at our interactive and regularly updated graphs.We did them so you can visualise sales without looking at tables of numbers and it does depict a stark picture of just how bad 2017 has turned out to be. Just click the blue button link or choose BULLION SALES in the menu.

NOV-2017 OCT-2017 NOV-2016 JAN-NOV 2017 JAN-NOV 2016
US GOLD EAGLE 12,000 -22% -92% 259,500 – 73%
US SILVER EAGLE 385,000 -63% -88% 17,323,500 -54%
US GOLD BUFFALO 2,000 -72% -93% 86,000 -59%
PERTH MINT GOLD 23,901 -47% -56% 341,401 -25%
PERTH MINT SILVER 544,436 -45% -45% 8,761,971 -26%