Star Wars Classic coin series brings in the biggest hit character in the franchise of late – The Mandalorian

Star Wars Classic has always been our favourite of the New Zealand Mints many franchise series, offering as it does, a clean, purer homage to the many characters in the hit movie series, free of gimmickry. It was the first Star Wars series to debut, way back in 2015 with Darth Vader, and there have been 17 issues to date. This is the 18th, even though the mint calls it The Mandalorian Classic as if perhaps the launch of a new series.

The popularity of the series is likely down to its character based nature and its use of movie scenes to depict them. The Mandalorian is no exception. Star Wars is at its best when it focuses on character over special effects, which goes some way to explaining how the series seems to have become progressively less popular as CGI has taken centre stage. The TV show has reinvigorated the franchise with a return to that core character development.

The coin looks great. A relatively busy scene fills the reverse face, and like we’ve seen on more and more of the NZ Mints quarter ounce gold variants, the smallest version has a cropped scene from the biggest. We like this idea as it makes optimum use of the reduced space. The other two variants are both a troy ounce in weight, one in 0.9999 gold and one in 0.999 silver.

The usual classy packaging and reasonable minages mark this out as one we suspect will sell out quickly. The Mandalorian has been a smash hit and the latest season will debut in a few months, along with at least one spin-off with Boba Fett. Because of this, we’d not be surprised to see this series expand quickly over the next year, and remain extremely popular. Available from today.

DENOMINATION $2 New Zealand $250 New Zealand $25 New Zealand
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.9999 gold 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 31.1 grams 31.1 grams 7.78 grams
DIAMETER 40.00 mm 32.00 mm 22.00 mm
FINISH Proof Proof Proof
MINTAGE 5,000 250 500
BOX / COA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes