Coins Today’s stackable bullion range adds the fourth of six chess issues, and a touching look at the bond between wolves

Two new releases from Coins Today have debuted, and both are part of this South Korean producer’s extensive stackable range. The first of them is an all-new and unique design and is called Soul Mates. It depicts a pair of wolves bonding, something these magnificent animals are known for. In the wild, they will protect and feed sick and old members of the pack.

A really beautiful design, in our view easily one of the best from CT this year, and sure to find much approval from dog lovers as well. This one is a two-ounce piece, is antique finished as so many of these are, and has a mintage capped at 10,000 pieces.


Also released is one of CT’s rarer one-ounce pieces, and it’s the fourth of six designs in a series inspired by chess pieces. We’ve previously covered the Pawn, and the Knight, although I’ve just noticed I missed the Bishop. This one is the Rook, or Castle. It follows the same design ethos, and they can be stacked, or displayed in an acrylic container, which will hold eight separate pieces. Obviously, with only six unique issues, you’ll need to have multiples of one or two of them.

You can get far more information in those earlier articles. A very unique and interesting idea for a bullion series, we continue to be impressed by it. It has an unlimited mintage, and only the King and Queen remain to be released. We’d imagine they will debut later this year.


SOUL MATE Undenominated 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 56.0 x 65.0 mm Antique 10,000
CHESS CROWN Undenominated 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 67.7 x 40.0 mm Antique Unlimited