Stackable bullion continues to reach new heights of design with kilo versions of CTK’s Ganesha and Lucifer issues

The prolific South Korean bullion producer, Coins Today, has three new issues, and while we wait for images of the all-new design, here’s a gallery look at the two upgrades. This producer has generally standardised on the two-ounce format for the majority of its stackables, but increasingly, they later release one-kilogram versions. That’s the case here. You can check out the original articles for more on the subjects.

The first of them is Ganesha, which debuted in June 2023 in the 2oz format, and was an impressive piece in its own right. However, the kilo offering is on a whole other level. The myths and legends of the Indian Subcontinent have grown in popularity as a subject in the coin world, but we’ve never seen it done with such aplomb as it has here. A simply stunning piece of numismatic art. That it’s also stackable, with all the difficulties in production that brings, is amazing. A real credit to all involved, just 199 will be produced, and it comes encapsulated, with the serial number on the edge of the coin.


The second release is the kilo version of Lucifer, which first debuted in 2oz form back in April 2023. Taking a pentagonal shape, it depicts the fallen angel fully winged, and intertwined with a serpent. It was an impressive design at two ounces, and it’s hugely so in this larger size. It was always one of the busier designs, so the extra canvas here is put to good use. Again, a terrific upgrade, which also comes encapsulated, and has a mintage of 199 units.


GANESHA Undenominated 1000 g of 0.999 silver 119.2 x 150.0 mm Antique 199
LUCIFER Undenominated 1000 g of 0.999 silver 150.0 x 143.5 mm Antique 199