Spring is in the air, and CIT launch their latest seasonal range, including quite exceptional nods to the past and the future

Never one to disappoint, genuinely, Liechtenstein-based producer, CIT, have a reputation second to none for its combination of envelope-pushing design, and sheer quality. Choosing to release most of their coins in quarterly batches named after the seasons, it’s now time for the Spring release batch. The last selection from late January was first class, and the Winter Launch usually represents the biggest release of the year, with this second release generally comprised of a mix of new issues in existing series, new variants of existing designs, and a few all-new releases. That’s the case again.

With the additions to existing series, we can start with CIT’s innovative Lunar range. Consisting of a silver coin note, a minigold coin, and a fully dimensional coin, there’s something for everyone and all are good examples of their respective types. The next Numismatic Icon coin, a series that features a modern take on an ancient classic, is a quite simply stunning Pegasos design. Following their Tortoise and Athenian Owl designs, I personally consider this one of the finest coin series in production today, and the addition of an antiqued gold variant is a master-stroke. Highly recommended if it’s within your budget. Not in mine, sadly.

New variants make up a large part of this launch. The Magnificent Argali from the Wild Mongolia series finally gets a copper version, and there’s a two-ounce black proof silver coin as well. The Special Forces coin in the Real Heroes series sees a five-ounce black proof gold variant (mintage of 29), as well as a one-ounce platinum, a one-ounce gold, and a one-kilo silver. Numismatic Icons finally gets minigold versions, and they look superb.

All new issues are headlined by another really beautiful coin, called Daydreamer: Future. We particularly like style employed, taking cues from the early 20th century, such as the seminal classic, Metropolis. It’s a terrific design, and quite unique. Also arriving is a ColorEYEzed eye coin, and some new sporting minigolds. Iron Maiden returns, with a striking ‘Senjetsu’ album cover-inspired trio, consisting of a coin, a note, and a minigold. The latter looks amazing for its 11 mm diameter. A quirky Silver Ghost joins the ranks of CIT’s eclectic dimensional coin range.

Another fine selection, with Pegasos in particular, hitting the spot. We’ll cover these further, as time permits. All should be available to pre-order from later today, although shipping will no doubt be a few months away.