Some big updates while we sort the server issues

We’re still trying to sort our issues with the small spurts of downtime, more annoying than anything else as the site is pretty fast at other times, but we’re still waiting on the host to report.

In the meantime, we’re getting some of our big guides up to date, and today we’ve done the Music Coins Thematic Guide, the Marvel Comics Thematic Guide, and the Star Wars Round-up. The Chibi coin guide is also now up to date. We’ll continue to do this, and put out a few Quicklooks, which take less uptime to do, while the server is sorted. Normality should be resumed shortly.

A little news in the meantime as well. Those who ordered CIT’s fine-looking Sherlock Holmes Typeface coin will be disappointed to hear that it’s been cancelled due to licencing issues. The estate of Conan-Doyle is notoriously litigious, even recently going after Netflix because their ‘Enola Holmes’ movie showed a ‘warmer’ version of Sherlock Holmes that they claim is still covered by copyright. Now, we’re speculating on the exact reasons, but US copyright law is often abused (Disney is a notorious example), with claims that, in our opinion, stretch credulity. Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930, yet we’re still having claims like this occurring. Ridiculous. I hope it reappears in a couple of years time when the current 95-year copyright period expires.