Solidarity with Ukraine! Monnaie de Paris launches a medal with 80% of proceeds going to the Red Cross. Go buy them!

Predicated on a whole pack of lies, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the most illogical and unnecessary wars in modern history. That this disturbing individual and his cronies can force a conflict between fundamentally the same peoples, is both a disgrace to the people of Russia, and a travesty for the people of Ukraine. From the Czars, through the Communists, and to the modern kleptocracy, the people in this proud and ancient land have suffered enough, and deserve better.

What’s obvious to all, is the humanitarian disaster that’s gathering steam as I write. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are fleeing the war zone, and millions remain, in a situation almost certainly about to escalate in intensity. Many organisations are doing what they can to alleviate suffering, including the Red Cross.

The Monnaie de Paris have put a mini-medal up for sale with an appropriate design which will sell for €10.00, and of that, €8.00 will go directly to the Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people. It’s a great idea, and we highly recommend picking one up as a show of support. It’s something you can carry, or send to people – a visible show of solidarity. Hopefully, the madness will end before it spreads even further, but the people will continue to need help for some time.

DENOMINATION Not applicable
COMPOSITION Copper-nickel
WEIGHT 17.7 grams
FINISH Antique
MINTAGE Unlimited