Site updates: Numerous Coin Series Profiles brought up to date

One of those unexciting days when article tidying is undertaken and in amongst that comes revising the Coin Series Profiles (CSP) to keep them up to date. As you know, the original CSP page is still there, but there are also two subpages that make viewing easier – one for series still ongoing and one for series that have now been wrapped up by their respective mints. As ongoing ones complete, they’ll be retagged and thus appear on the completed page. That’s the fate of several of the New Zealand Mints coin-note series, for example. Other changes are;

Plenty more to come with new issues in the Battles That Changed History, Justice League Movie, Biblical Series and the beautiful, Fauna in Cultural Monuments of Ukraine, all coming soon. I’m also rewriting the Palau issued Battleships series from CIT as it was an early effort, is full of less than stellar content and most importantly, a favourite subject of mine. I’m trying out a multi-page format with this one and will hopefully have some cool images to include if I get the go ahead. If you have suggestions for a CSP, please feel free to leave them below and they’ll go in the kitty for due consideration.

You’ll have noticed a few changes. A new image before/after feature makes showing both sides of the coin without taking up huge amounts of screen space much easier. We’re also testing a new chart feature, although we’re pretty happy with the current one regardless.

A big thank you to the readers that donated via PayPal. It’s genuinely much appreciated. Also a big thank you to our advertisers without whom I’d probably have given up by now. We don’t do Google ads and the ones you see on site contribute directly to keeping AgAuNEWS going – exactly what ads are for of course. If any dealers wish to join in, then drop us an email.