Site updates. Guides revised with new additions, etc.

A rare Sunday post, with another round-up of updates to our existing Coin Series Profiles, Bullion Profiles, and Thematic Guides, something we like to keep current, which of course takes time, but we think it’s important. Also updated are the US Mint Eagle bullion coin numbers in our Bullion Sales tracker of both the US, and Perth Mints. We should have the latter mints numbers updated later this week when they release June sales figures.

So what’s been updated?

For bullion coins, we’ve refreshed the Royal Mint’s now-defunct Shengxiao Lunar range, the Perth Mint’s Australian Emu range, and our epic-sized compilation of all the Perth Mint’s limited bullion coin releases outside their core range. As for the Thematic Guides, The Video games on Coins one has seen additions, as has the Star Wars round-up, and the Mint of Poland struck Ancient Mythology coins.

Coin Series Profiles see the usual updates. It goes without saying that the NZ Mint’s Chibi Range has had new additions, and Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical Series finally sees its first 2022 coin. The Czech Mint’s Mythical Creatures works its way to its conclusion,

The Prehistoric Life on Coins Thematic Guide is coming along nicely. I’m glad I decided to keep this a project I dip into, rather than obsessing over a fast completion. We’ve all waited 65 million years to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a coin, so a couple of extra weeks won’t hurt! The main series are done, but there’s a huge amount of work tracking down the smaller stuff, so it’s going to be another couple of weeks, I’d imagine.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think our small outages issue has been fixed, We’ll monitor, of course. I still have more back-end stuff to sort this week, but the news will continue. After this week is over, we’re having a week off. I promised myself to lighten up a bit, and proper holiday breaks are part of that. As always, please feel free to donate if you like what the site brings to the hobby. You’d be amazed how few we get, so don’t think you’re feeding a cash machine – we’re certainly not that, I promise you. Thank you all, and enjoy a great week in these depressing times. Mik