Site updates continue with new & revised profiles, and an appeal

Lots of changes as usual, the first of which is the addition of a page that accumulates links to our information on the various precious metal banknote series that seem to be increasing in popularity lately. The link to METAL BANKNOTES sits on the main menu. We’ll be adding plenty more to this one as the year progresses – including an impressive new one coming out on Sunday.

We’ve made some alterations to the COIN SERIES PROFILES to make it easier to access the articles you want as the selection increases. As well as the normal link that’s always been there, there are two options that let you view either the profiles for coins series that are still ongoing, and another option for series that have finished.  We’ll use the ongoing guides to cover some coin releases so that we can use the news page for a wider selection of the latest issues instead of continually looking at the next coin in a similar run.

New ongoing profiles include the New Zealand Mints Battles That Changed History, the National Bank of Polands Enduring Soldiers,  and three of the new banknote coin ranges. Profiles for completed sets we’ve added include the African Big Five gold banknote coins, and the Royal Mints Britain A-Z set.

The Coin Schedules article has had the Monnaie de Paris issues for 2018 incorporated and the Year of the Dog lunar guide continues to recieve multiple new updates to keep it current, although we still have a few to add. The first Year of the Pig coins are starting to appear, but we think it’s too early to start collating the early birds yet.

As you know, I write all the content for the site myself and it’s a huge amount of work. It also costs time and money, so if any dealers or mints would like to join our advertisers, feel free to contact us. Our thanks to those that already do so. If any readers like what we do enough to donate, please feel free to use the donate button below, which is also permanently seated at the bottom of the site in the footer. Everything is appreciated, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine. AgAuNEWS will remain free for all.