Site updates. Changes to the Homepage, the usual tweaks, and Easter

Hi All,

As you may have noticed, we’ve made a small tweak to the Homepage, reducing and moving the rarely utilised ‘News Nuggets’ (which show on the main NEWS page now anyway), to just above the Instagram feed. That feed has also been halved in size to speed up loading slightly. In place of the nuggets is a new system of gold(ish) bars which list out the last eight updates to our guides/profiles/resources. The big advantage here is that updates are posted on the day they happen, rather than waiting, sometimes for weeks, until we get enough to warrant a News Nugget. It will help with new issues that we simply don’t have time to cover in fuller detail, but for which we have an active Coin Series Profile. Let me know if you like it.

My eye operation went swimmingly, and I can now spot kebabs and beer from double the distance. It’s made working on the site a lot easier, and less frustrating. I can finally get on with getting some of our AgAuShoots (photo galleries) done. We were fortunate to be given a few coins in Berlin, and we’ll start with those.

Our server outages have settled, but we’ve now been told that our host is migrating everyone to new servers, and we’re over our inode limit. When I found out what the hell an inode was, and did some investigating, it’s quite an issue. We’re at almost double the file count we’re allowed on the new server (we’re over by about 225,000 !!) Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the hassle of working with them, and we’re probably going to migrate to shared hosting elsewhere next month. Unfortunately, we can’t afford our own virtual server at present. I’ll let you know when, as we may be down for a day or two while it happens.

Well, Easter is here, so we’re off until Tuesday. Have a great break from the grind, relax, and have a dig through your collections. Feel free to spend some time letting me know your thoughts on new guides, profiles etc. in the comments below, and if the site layout is working well for you. If you’d like to donate to the site, I’d be eternally grateful. You’d be surprised how little is donated, and this is a one-man operation, so we’re always on a knife-edge financially. The PayPal button is below. See you all in a few days.