MDM add a Crocodile as the fourth marine life coin in its Underwater World series

The crocodile is a perennial favourite amongst nature coin collectors. A primal beast with a unique look, it isn’t hard to see why and MDM are tapping into that fascination with their latest issue in the Underwater World series. It’s the fourth coin to date, and follows a Great White Shark, a Turtle, and a Dolphin, all with a consistent style and specification.

What is that specification? A higher-end one for sure. Struck in three ounces of fine silver, a concave reverse face partly filled with a translucent blue resin, and full of detailed ultra high relief, these are distinctive coins. The series has been very consistent with its look, even if the subjects have bounced between fish, reptiles and a mammal. The smooth, thick rim and wide border circles a deeply concave strike packed with great levels of relief. The resin represents an aquatic surface and the animal is depicted part-in, part-out to create a pretty dynamic look.

This crocodile design has most of the beastie on it, rather than just its head, and there’s a healthy dose of background flora for a habitat.  Detail is plentiful all over and the antique finish suits. Like previous coins, this is issued for Barbados and carries that countries coat of arms in the centre. Surrounding that is a wide selection of marine life struck into a band. The whole design is common to the series and doesn’t seem to denote future subjects for later issue. The choice to date has been pretty varied, consisting of a fish, two reptiles, and a mammal.

With a serial number engraved on the smooth edge, a certificate of authenticity and  a decent, if unadventurous box, it’s hard not to like these coins. Available to order now with prices hovering around the €250/$250 mark, buyers of earlier coins will want this one. My own favourite remains the turtle coin, but all are top quality. The mintage remains the same as before at 999 pieces.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 93.3 grams
FINISH Antique. Extra-high relief, translucent enamel
BOX / COA Yes / Yes