We seem to be on a roll with art-architectural coins lately having seen a plethora of fine new releases in recent months. With Mesopotamia, Secrets of Pena, Alhambra, Taj Mahal 2oz, Taj Mahal 1kg, and Flinders Station being just some of the superb examples of the numismatic art hitting the market, collectors of these have never had it so good. Fortunately there’s been some great variety in the mix, with the Mint of Polands Imperial Art series looking like it will be an interesting one, and the next Mineral Art coin due fairly soon, the latter a series that’s giving market-leader CIT with their Tiffany Art range a serious bit of competition.

Back last January, a new competitor joined the mix with a nice coin featuring the Malachite Room from the Winter Palace in Russia. Designed by a Spanish company, Moneda Nueva, it was a little bigger than most at three-ounces, although much of the extra weight went on thickness and not diameter compared to the two-ounce competition. It was a great coin at the time and well liked. It’s been quiet on their front since then as architectural coins were concerned, but they recently debuted a quite beautiful one-kilo Taj Mahal design that I’d buy in a heartbeat if I could, and now the second of the Masterpieces in Stone has appeared with a subject we’ve not seen on this type of coin before; Buckingham Palace.

One of the worlds most recognisable buildings, Buckingham Palace was one of the symbols of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, and also one full of some quite amazing interiors, in a gaudy sort of way. Full of intensely detailed and busy architecture and decor, it’s surprising it hasn’t shown up on this style of coin before. The chosen room is called the Blue Drawing Room, which you can read more about by clicking the grey button below. Suffice to say it’s translated well to the coin and the obverse depicting the hugely famous front gates and facade of the palace is a nice bonus. Overall, we like it a lot and consider it a very successful design. The perspective is handled superbly, always tricky with these, and it’s nice to see a design taking a straight look at a subject instead of a more abstract angle. The red Rosso Levanto marble insert, a beautiful and intricate Turkish stone, looks good and is a decent match for a room that despite its name, is about as blue as a PG-rated movie.

At 3 oz in weight and with a mintage half that of the first coin at just 500 units, it isn’t going to be bargain basement, but it is priced similarly to its 2 oz competitors at around €379. The Nimbus frame display is a great touch, especially with the custom insert. Due to ship around the third week of June, we think this could prove a popular coin. Currently available from a German dealer with close links to Moneda Nueva, Top World Coins have them up for pre-order at €379.


Following the Malachite Room in the Masterpieces In Stone series, this new amazing coin is dedicated to the Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace, London. Struck from 3 oz silver 999 with antique finish, the coin has much to boast about: an impressive high relief with lots of decoration details of the original Drawing Room enriched by a real Rosso Levanto marble inset! The worldwide mintage is limited to 500 pieces.

One of the finest rooms in Buckingham Palace, the Blue Drawing Room is a magnificent example of Georgian splendor in decoration. The room is 21 meters long and divided into bays by giant Corinthian columns. Formerly intended as a ballroom, it is now the place where guests gather for drinks before large luncheon parties and grand State and diplomatic occasions.

The high relief reverse image of the coin impresses with its detail and insight, rendering the delicacy and sumptuousness of the Blue Drawing Room. Thanks to a beautiful Rosso Levanto marble inset, the coin exudes immense grace and magnificence. Accompanied by a beautifully designed Certificate of Authenticity, the coin comes in a black Nimbus-style frame one of the very best ways to display a coin in its full beauty and splendour! A fascinating work of numismatic art!




$10 FIJI 0.999 SILVER 93.3 g 55.0 mm ANTIQUE 500 YES / YES