It’s coin number eleven in Scottsdales epic ‘Biblical Series’ of antiqued silver coins. Released six per year, this is the fifth coin of 2016 and is again based around a story in the bible that’s been illustrated by the talented 19th century French artist, Gustave Doré. The illustrator, printmaker and sculptor was highly prolific in his output and produced a series of hundreds of woodcuts illustrating scenes from the bible.

This one is called Ezekiel’s Vision and illustrates the Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. In his vision the prophet sees himself standing in the valley full of dry human bones. He is commanded to carry a prophecy. Before him the bones connect into human figures, then the bones become covered with tendon tissues, flesh and skin. Then God reveals the bones to the prophet as the People of Israel in exile and commands the Prophet to carry another prophecy in order to revitalize these human figures, to resurrect them and to bring them to the Land of Israel.

It’s a brilliant numismatic interpretation of the original Dore woodcut, like all those before. If the subject matter is of interest, the coins are probably the finest of their type out there. Each is struck in 2oz of high-relief 0.999 silver, rimless, and with an antique finish. The coin is sold exclusively through APMEX in the US, and through other dealers worldwide, selling for $179.99.

We’ve added this release to our Coin Series Profile of the series where all are detailed and you can get a great overview of this ambitious series.



The Valley of Dry Bones is the fifth 2016 release, and 11th overall release, in the Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical Series featuring iconic biblical scenes. Each of these 2 oz Silver coins has a mintage of 1,499 and features a high-relief, rimless design. The certificate of authenticity has an antique feel that coincides nicely with both the finish of the 2 oz coin and the design subject.

The certificate of authenticity has an antique feel that coincides nicely with both the finish of the 2 oz coin and the design subject. Included on the certificate is an image of Gustave Doré’s “The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones”, showing how accurately Scottsdale Mint’s creative team recreated the original artwork for this coin series.

REVERSE: Inspired by Gustave Doré’s illustration of “The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones” depicting Ezekiel overlooking a field of skeletons and corpses coming back to life.

OBVERSE: Features the Raphael Maklouf likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the weight, purity and face value.

Each 2 oz coin in this Biblical series is packaged in a gift box reminiscent of the Bible.




$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 62.2 g 39.00 mm ANTIQUE 1,499 YES / YES