Scottsdale wraps up its Biblical Series of woodcut-inspired coins for 2019 with ‘Moses on the Nile’

After five years of six annual releases, Scottsdale Mint’s epic Biblical Series has finally hit the half-way mark with its thirtieth release. When this series first debuted in 2015, we were thinking that a 60-coin, 10-year programme was a trifle ambitious to actually go the distance, but Scottsdale have done a great job with these and they continue bang on track.

For those unfamiliar, these are numismatic reproductions of Gustave Dore’s 19th century woodcuts depicting scenes from the Bible. Touted as one of the best artists of the period in this medium, his body of work is both extensive and of a fine quality. Perfect for this series.

This one is a little weak in our opinion, but not every one can knock it out of the park – even Rick & Morty had a bad episode… These are 2oz of fine silver in weight and beautifully struck, probably the finest issues with this theme currently being released today. Kudos to Scottsdale on that score. Mintage of 1,499, and nicely presented, this one is available to order now. You can see and read more of this impressive series in our COIN SERIES

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes