Scottsdale Mint’s decade-long ‘Biblical Series’ issues a late third 2020 release, but releases designs for the next three

We’ve tended to cover new issues in Scottsdale Mints long-running ‘Biblical Series’ of coins in our Quicklooks section, simply because there’s only so many times we can go over the same basic release. It’s a similar thing with several mints that have big series, and it leaves us better able to concentrate on articles with all-new designs.

In this case, however, we felt a better look at the latest coin was in order. Scottsdale release six of these every year, but Coroney has thrown a spanner in the works in 2020, so they’re a little behind. Obviously, it’s December and this latest entry, the 33rd to date, is only the 3rd of the year. We’ve had some queries on the series and we’re pleased to see that the mint has helped assuage any fears by releasing the artistic renders of the next three coins as well.

An impressive and ambitious series, we’re not going to go over it here as we have a full Coin Series Profile of the range on site elsewhere, so check that out. The latest issue is called ‘The Fiery Furnace’ and it a fine entrant, based as it is on the brilliant work of Gustave Dore. You can see the next three in art render form further down and all look equally well done, with the Leviathan coin seeming particularly special.

As with the last few releases, these coins are cheaper in their initial period on sale by quite a decent wedge of cash, often as much as $60-80, so if you do collect them, cheap them out as soon as you can. These are available at many dealers, with APMEX having a very large selection on their site.

The next three designs are depicted below. First to come will be ‘The Resurrection of Lazarus’, which will be followed by ‘Destruction of Leviathan’ (which looks quite an epic one!), and then ‘Christ in the Synagogue’.

Now, we don’t have exact dates for these, but Coroney has been a major impactor on Scottsdale who’ve been designated a Critical Manufacturing Facility by the Federal Government. They’ve been exceptionally busy through this difficult year and dates have slipped. As we said earlier, it’s great that they’ve eased the minds of collectors who have invested heavily in this series, by confirming it’s just a little delayed and nothing more.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes