Scottsdale Mint completes its 2022 run in its epic Biblical Series, and we’ve fully revised our Coin Series Profile of the range

Certainly one of the most ambitious coin series we’ve seen in our time, Scottsdale Mint, back in 2015, committed to a 60-coin, 10-year release program for its Biblical Series. Each of the two-ounce antiqued silver coins depicts one of the many woodcuts produced by French artist, printmaker, illustrator and sculptor, Paul Gustave Louis Christophe DorĂ©, born in Strasbourg on 6 January 1832.

Doré is most noted for his woodcut prints, illustrating great literary works. One of those is the Bible, and he made a huge portfolio of them. Scottsdale Mint has chosen some of the best to bring to numismatic life. The two designs below are coins 47 and 48, and represent the last of the six coins issued for 2022 (they release at six-per-year). That means there will be six more to come in 2023, and will conclude in 2024, with the final six.

The coins are very well done, utilising some high-relief to give them a bit more pop, and these two are called ‘The Deluge’, and ‘Jesus Healing the Sick’. We’ve had a full Coin Series Profile of the range for some years now, which utilised a tabbed layout. Unfortunately, this is hard to update, not really utilising our front-end page builder very well, and was creaking around the edges, so despite dreading the amount of work involved, I’ve now moved it over to our latest layout. Feel free to go check it out if you have any interest in this fine series. These two coins should be available to order shortly.