Scottsdale Mint adds a pair of Ramesses II coins to its popular Egyptian Relics bullion series

A huge favourite of ours, in the silver bullion coin world, Scottsdale Mints Egyptian Relic series is a refreshing attempt to do something different with legal tender coins. They launched in 2016 with a chuncky five-ounce beast and that was followed up by a two-ounce coin and then a quite beautiful issue in gold. A short while ago we saw a 2017 five-ounce coin and now it’s time to look at the new two ounce issue – in this case, a pair of them.

Decked out with a design based on Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and having what Scottsdale call a ‘chiselled granite edge’, these are unique looking pieces and they’ve chosen the perfect subject this time around. Ramesses II is without question the most impressive and well remembered of all the old Pharoahs. Reigning for even longer than Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne, he left behind a body of monuments and architecture that is unprecedented, no doubt linked to  an extraordinary talent for self-promotion on a par with the Kardashians…

As we said, two coins this time, although they’re more variants of the same basic design than completely different. A hieroglyph laden background with a face-on Egyptian style portrait of Ramesses sits on one coin. The other changes his face to a skull and ages/distresses the background to look like decayed stonework. The Ramesses coin looks good, but we’re not overly enamoured with the ‘corpse’ version. We’re sure that with the current interest in skull coins, many will disagree.

Issued for the Republic of Chad again and carrying that African states great-looking emblem , the finished article is another cool issue in this very popular series. Priced like a bullion coin, these are also huge value, especially for the coin collector. Mintage this time out is 25,000 per design, so 50,000 total and the coin comes in a small themed box – a nice touch for a bullion coin with a premium this low. Available to order any time now.



Scottsdale Mint is proud to announce the release of the 2 oz Republic of Chad Ramesses II Silver Coin BU (2017) AND the 2 oz Republic of Chad Ramesses II – After Life Silver Coin BU (2017).  The release of these two coins marks the final coin releases of the 2017 Egyptian Relic Series.

Born around 1303 B.C., Ramesses II, also known as “Ramesses the Great,” reigned as Pharaoh over the Egyptian Empire from 1279 B.C. to 1213 B.C.  He is regarded as one of the greatest and most powerful Pharaohs of the Egyptian Empire.  At the age of fourteen (14), Ramesses II’s father Seti I, appointed Ramesses II Prince Regent.  Less then ten years later, Ramesses II would ascend to the throne as Pharaoh. Ramesses’ greatest accomplishments include numerous victorious campaigns against the Canaanites, Hittites, Nubians, and Sherden sea pirates; construction of a new Egyptian Capital – Pi-Ramesses; the Ramesseum (a temple complex), construction of numerous colossal statues that bore his image throughout the Egyptian Empire, and creation of arguably the world’s first Peace Treaty – a treaty signed that ended the conflict between Egypt and Hatti.

Ramesses’ rule over the Egyptian Empire lasted nearly seventy (70) years. His leadership helped shape much of Egyptian culture, religion, and aided in the restoration of the empire’s borders, ushering in security and an increase in trade throughout the Egyptian Empire.  Upon his death at the age of 90 or 91, Ramesses was originally buried in tomb KV7, located in the Valley of the Kings.  His body would later be moved to a royal cache where it would remain until being discovered in 1881.

These legal tender bullion coins are struck in .999+ silver, weigh 2 troy ounces each and ship in a custom Egyptian Relic Series gift box.  The Republic of Chad 2 oz Ramesses II and Ramesses II – After Life coins feature hand-brushed antique finishes with chiseled granite edge and they are each limited to a mintage of 25,000 pieces.


COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
DIAMETER 42.00 mm
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Chiselled edge
MINTAGE 25,000 each
BOX / COA Yes / No