Exclusive! Korean Doggaebi silver stacker explodes in size with the launch of an impressive one kilo silver version

Back in April, Coins Today Korea launched a striking new two-ounce silver bullion piece for the stackable market. Much like Scottsdale Mint’s iconic ‘Stacker’, they have a negative imprint of the main face on the obverse so that they can interlock better in a pile. Shaped like the famous Doggaebi shield that the fan favourite Chiwoo Cheonwang holds on his own bullion round series (you can also see it on the silver miniature in the image above), it’s instantly recognisable for collectors of the genre.

Now, the producer has launched a giant one kilogram version. It’s the same design, but over 16 times heavier. What an absolutely gorgeous piece of bullion! It ticks all the right boxes, being highly unique in appearance, full of cultural significance, and tapping into an existing collector market.

It should launch later this week, and has an unlimited mintage. The two-ounce version has been available for sensible premiums, and we can’t see this being any different. The light antique finish suits it perfectly, and it has its composition engraved on the edge. For more on the backstory, check out our original article. Probably our favourite bullion product of the year to date. Well done.


Doggaebi is a mythical creature considered as guardian in Korean culture similar to Gargoyle from the Western culture. Doggaebi possess a monster-like looks with a grinning smile and its grotesque looks was known to scare off evil spirits. The characteristic is dynamic which shows two round eyes opened, horns protruding and sharp teeth in a wide open mouth.

Korean folks traditionally decorated roof tile ends with Doggaebi’s face engraved which is known as Doggaebi Gi-wa. The overall shape is rectangular and the bottom part is in a semicircle shape which helps to hang on the tile. The original Doggaebi tiles are currently in the possession of the Korea National Gyeongju Museum in Korea.

DENOMINATION Not applicable
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 1000 grams
DIMENSIONS 111.2 x 150.0 mm
FINISH Light Antique
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, Shaped, Stackable
MINTAGE Unlimited (TBC)
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes