For the third year in sucession the Royal Mint is launching a £100 face-value coin, this time depicting a view of Trafalgar Square, with Nelsons Column and one of the sculptor Edwin Lanseer’s superb bronze lions. It isn’t a new piece of artwork, rather a reworking of one of the four designs in 2014’s Portrait of Britain series. In that case the coin had an unusual colour ‘wash’ over selective parts of the reverse, but it’s cleanly struck here. Previous coins depicted Buckingham Palace in 2015, and Big Ben in 2014, also based on previously issued artwork from the Portrait set. Just Tower Bridge remains, so it’s likely that design will adorn the 2017 entrant.

Mounted to an informative card as before, it’s actually a nice design undertaken by the engravers, Laura Clancy and Glyn Davies, in a softer, less defined style than usual. We think it works well, although it’s a shame the two ounce coin remains at 40mm diameter instead of taking advantage of the extra weight to expand the coin surface area. A penalty of it being a face value design no doubt. The obverse is the new one from Jody Clark.

Available to purchase from the Royal Mint website right now, the mintage is limited to 45,000 units, down from the 50,000 of the previous releases. There has been rising concern about the ability to cash these in for face value and the mint has started incorporating some notes in their coin description to clarify matters, which we’ve reproduced below.




The Trafalgar Square 2016 UK £100 Fine Silver Coin is the latest in the Commemorative fine sliver coin series. Architect John Nash designed Trafalgar Square as a cultural space, open to the public. Its focal point is Nelson’s Column with its statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, gazing down on everything below. It honours his victory against the Spanish and French at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. Trafalgar Square is also a showcase for British art and sculpture with the National Gallery housed on the north side.

Since it was officially named in the 1830s it has remained a living square at the heart of the capital. Thousands of people visit every year while Edwin Landseer’s famous bronze lions, guarding the base of Nelson’s Column, remain a tourist favourite. On New Year’s Eve, and during significant celebrations, such as royal weddings, it fills with people celebrating or sporting Union Jack flags. It is also a popular place for people to gather, attend political protests or hold vigils in times of national crisis.

The Trafalgar Square 2016 UK £100 coin is the third in the £100 Commemorative fine silver series designed by Royal Mint coin designers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy. Previous £100 coins have featured their designs for Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

One of Edwin Landseer’s bronze lions takes centre stage while Nelson’s Column stands in the distance, conveying the square’s sense of space.Their design was modeled in clay rather than traditional plaster, creating a more fluid, sketch-like appearance.

Commemorative coins are generally treasured for their aesthetic and collectable value, or for their rarity. Collectors appreciate the detailed hand-finished processes and expert skills used to make them. All coins made by The Royal Mint are legal tender, whether commemorative or circulating. However, only circulating legal tender coins are designed to be spent and traded at businesses and banks.This coin is a commemorative coin so banks, post offices and shops will not accept them. If individual customers wish to discuss the return of this coin now or in the future please contact our customer services team on 0345 6088 300.




£100 UKP 0.999 SILVER 62.86 g 40.0 mm B/UNC  45,000 CARD / YES