On Sunday in a private service at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, Norfolk, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana will be christened in line with royal tradition. Fourth in line to the throne of the United Kingdom after her grandfather Prince Charles, her father Prince William and her big brother Prince George, there will no doubt be the huge throng of people outside after the ceremony in line with the greatly increased popularity of the royal family worldwide at the moment.

With memorabilia of the royal parents being snapped up quickly it was obvious that the Royal Mint would mark the occasion as they have previous royal events like the birth of Princess Charlotte, the first birthday of Prince George, and the christening of Prince George. The coin design also follows those previous releases in rejecting a cutesy look and going straight for the traditional, almost heraldic style. John Berdahl, the artist responsible for two of the three coins mentioned above, has done a good job again and produced a solid design. Available in a single gold and a single silver format, the coins are available to order now with deliveries starting in early August.


The Royal Mint has revealed the design of the £5 coin that celebrates the christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, following approval from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Her Majesty the Queen and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The designer has been announced as respected engraver John Bergdahl.
The coin is decorated with harp-playing cherubs encircled by swags of lilies – design elements shared with the christening coin also designed by Bergdahl for Prince George of Cambridge, symbolising the link between the royal siblings. A baroque-style oval frame, or ‘cartouche’, at the centre of the new coin bears the inscription ‘To celebrate the Christening of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge 2015’.

Inspiration for the design of both coins was taken from the lily font that has traditionally been used in the baptism of royal babies since Queen Victoria’s time, whilst the baroque style is often featured in royal artwork and traditions.

The new coin will be available in silver – in keeping with the long-established tradition of crossing a newborn baby’s palm with silver to confer good health and prosperity – and also in gold to mark the royal celebration.

Shane Bissett, Director of Commemorative Coin and Medals at The Royal Mint said: “These coins will be a fitting addition to The Royal Mint’s long tradition of creating works of art to celebrate landmark events in the history of the Royal family. It is entirely appropriate that we commemorate this significant occasion with the release of a special coin, just as we celebrated the christening of Prince George.”

A special limited edition £5 coin, also designed by John Bergdahl, was issued by The Royal Mint to mark the birth of Princess Charlotte on 2nd May 2015. Her christening will take place on 5 July at St Mary Magdalene Church at Her Majesty the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk.




£5 UKP 0.925 SILVER 28.28 g 38.61 mm PROOF 5,000 YES / YES
£5 UKP 0.9167 GOLD 39.94 g 38.61 mm PROOF 350 YES / YES