Royal Canadian Mint takes its diamond adorned Forevermark range into the third dimension

Over the last few years, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued several coins adorned with embedded diamonds. One of the more well known diamond jewellery companies is the De Beers Group owned ‘Forevermark’ brand, claiming to choose only the best and most ethically sourced diamonds for its product range. One of their ranges is called ‘Black Label’, and some of the diamonds sourced for it originated in Canada – more specifically in this case – the Victor Mine in Northern Ontario.

There’s been a progression in the ambitious nature of the RCM’s diamond coins, starting with the 2017 issue simply being a standard strike gold coin holding an embedded 0.20ct gem. In 2017, the issued release exhibited some impressive levels of high-relief, despite dropping in size to one ounce, but in 2020, the RCM have tried a new approach, previously brought to market by the Helvetic Mint a few years ago.

A three-ounce silver coin, fully dimensional, and shaped like a cut diamond from Vancouver’s Worldwide Diamond Trademarks Ltd portfolio, it’s quite unlike the others from this range. It’s a pretty cool piece, and judging from the quick sell-out of the 700 mintage, collectors think so too, even at almost $1,500 CAD. Much of that price is due to the 0.20 carat diamond, of course. This is a quality, fine-cut item, not simply an industrial diamond, so the price obviously reflects that. Sold out at the mint, you’ll have to trawl the dealer network if you want one, or hit the auction sites.


A diamond’s cut shapes the sparkle that makes it an everlasting symbol of love burning bright. Nowhere is this more evident than with this extraordinary coin, which was inspired by a diamond… and is shaped like one too! In collaboration with Crossworks Manufacturing and Forevermark diamonds, this first ever diamond-shaped coin is an exciting addition to our premium lineup in 2020. Its multi-dimensional shape matches the patented cut of the 0.20-carat Forevermark Black Label diamond embedded on one of the coin’s engraved facets. More than a year in the making, this diamond-within-a-diamond showpiece is the ultimate tribute to the magnificence of a perfectly cut Canadian gemstone.

DID YOU KNOW… Diamond is the hardest known material. That’s why 80% of all diamonds are used in research and industrial applications, from tools to electronic devices. The other 20% are used to create unforgettable jewellery designs and luxury pieces, like this coin!

The embedded diamond is part of the Forevermark Black Label Collection from The De Beers Group of Companies. Less than 1% of the world’s gem-quality diamonds are eligible for this distinction, and each Forevermark diamond bears a laser-inscribed symbol that is an assurance of purity, beauty and responsible sourcing.

The patented square diamond cut is exclusive to Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd., a Canadian company and the top diamantaire in North America.

DESIGN: The coin’s shape and multi-faceted design are an exact reproduction of a patented trademark diamond cut from Crossworks Manufacturing, as seen on Forevermark diamonds. On one of the coin’s crown side facets, an embedded 0.20 ct. Forevermark Black Label square diamond is the inspiration for the shape of its coin base, and it was one of the last diamonds extracted at the Victor Mine in Northern
Ontario. On the other crown side facets, the year “2020”, the word “CANADA” and the face value “50 DOLLARS” surround the obverse engraved on the table, which features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

“This coin is an incredible example of the capabilities of our Research and Development lab. Getting this coin right took months and months of testing!” Erica Maga: Product Manager

COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 92.5 grams
DIMENSIONS 30.8 mm x 30.8 mm x 21.2 mm
FINISH Matt proof
MODIFICATIONS Dimensional, inset diamond
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes