The fourth limited version of the Royal Australian Mints crocodile coins celebrating the stars of Australia Zoo has been announced. It features a huge Saltwater Crocodile called Monty and is the last of the pair of cois released every year by the Royal Australian Mint in what was billed as a twelve-coin series. The first coin launched every year is a card-mounted specimen coin with a frosted-uncirculated finish, the second a premium coin also struck in silver, but featuring different artwork. While the card-mounted and cheaper initial release has always maintained a consistent specification, the premium coin has varied over its lifetime. The first two premium coins depicting Bindi in 2013 and Graham in 2014, carried designs featuring selective colouring on the reverse face. For 2015’s Agro Junior release the coin transitioned to a clean-struck high-relief format with some fine success. That format has remained for 2016.

The design looks a good one, hinting at plenty of movement, but it isn’t clearly better than the frosted coin, something more due to the much improved frosted artwork rather than any decline in the quality of the high relief ones. Limited to just 1,500 pieces, it’s a rarer coin than its card-mounted predecessor which despite a reduction in numbers of the 2015 coin, still has a mintage of 5,000. Packaged in one of the older-style snapper cases rather than the new and improved coin boxes the Royal Australian Mint now uses, it comes with the usual Certificate of Authenticity. Priced at $100 AUD ($90.91 for international buyers) the coin is available now.


In 1975, a then-three foot crocodile named Monty was captured from the Townsville boat ramp. After being adopted into Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum, he grew not only in size (to an amazing 3.7 metres and 400 kilos), but also in celebrity status. Monty is now the newest star of the special collectible coin series that continues to amaze everyone who comes to discover the special beauty of these misunderstood creatures. The coin and packaging features images of Australia Zoo’s famous crocodile, Monty. The high relief technique adds depth to the design which highlights the detailed texture of this astounding creature’s skin.

Below left: last years HR Agro Jr coin.

Below right: the Agro Jr. brilliant uncirculated coin.




$5 AUSTRALIA 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 32.0 mm PROOF 1,500 YES / YES