Rounding out a week for the foodie, MDM cook up a pretzel shaped silver coin

It’s turned into a bit of a food coin week, with a pink iced donut kicking it off, and a buffalo wing earlier today, so we thought we had time to sneak in one more, so enter MDM Wholesale with its latest shaped issue. There’s no anniversary celebration this time, with the focus being on a link to that giant of German culture – Oktoberfest. The famous pretzel is the chosen subject.

These are much more than just a German treat these days, being popular throughout the Western world and beyond. It’s a simple long strip of dough, twisted into a loop shape, and then baked, and usually sprinkled with salt. The oldest known depiction of them is from way back in 12th century Europe, and it’s been used as a symbol of German Bakers Guilds since that period.

The coin takes that classic shape quite literally, and is fully coloured on the reverse face. This isn’t a coin employing much in the way of high-relief, but that’s perfectly understandable given it’s only ten grams in weight. That does have the benefit of making it more affordable, of course, an attribute shared by quite a few food-themed coins.

The obverse has a chequerboard pattern, which is carried through to the packaging, no doubt a nod to the famous German beer festival. The packaging consists of a gatefold cardboard blisterpack, which incorporates the Certificate of Authenticity. A mintage cap of 2,024 pieces has been set for it. Another unusual piece from MDM, who have a knack for them. Available to order now, don’t forget to pick up your beer coin to go with it

$1 (Samoa) 10 g of 0.999 silver 35 x 28.5 mm Proof-like, colour 2,024