A member of one of the forums we frequent has had the misfortune to have a complete scumbag break into his house and make off with a healthy commemorative coin collection. We’re asking all our readers to keep an eye out for anything on the list below, be it on eBay, Craigslist. pawn shops or wherever a lowlife might offload this stuff.

They were stolen around April 18th, 19th, in the San Francisco Peninsular area of California. If anybody comes across any of the items below, please use the blue button to contact us and we’ll pass the message on. The items we’ve highlighted in red are especially likely to generate interest on an auction site, for example, so please keep a lookout.

Always be careful where you store your coins. I think personally, it’s more important to just keep your stash a secret and out of plain view as an important first step, and monitor what you say online about your home. If you’re collection has some especially valuable items, gold, platinum etc., a safe deposit box would be worthwhile. We keep nothing at the home address and it’s a huge weight off the mind, although sadly not being loaded, it isn’t a huge collection anyway.


01) 2015 Libertad 7-piece Silver set, COA #00012, #00020

02) 2014 Libertad 7-piece Silver set, COA #085.

03) 2014 Libertad 5-piece Silver set, COA, #019


04) Zodiac Skull coins Silver one ounce. 2015 Zodiac Aquarius COA 247, Gemini #072, 093, 291. Cancer #238, 263, 274.


05) 2015 Lunar Goat 5oz Silver Proof Gold plated COA0050.

06) 2015 GB Royal Mint Lunar Goat 1oz Silver Proof COA 1881

07) 2013 Britannia 5-pc Silver Proof set, First Strike. no COA number.

08) 2013 Britannia 5-pc Silver OGP Proof set Combo, COA 0346. pluse 1/20 NGC gold PF70 ULTRA CAMEO 3795751-170

09) 2015 Britannia 6-pc Silver Proof set, COA 1453

10) 2015 Britannia 1oz Silver Proof, COA 1195

11) 2014 Britannia 1oz Silver Proof, COA 2437

12) 2014 Britannia 1/20 oz Gold Proof, COA 0136

13) 2015 Britannia 5oz Silver Proof, COA 530

14) 2014 Britannia 5oz Silver Proof, COA 578

15) 2015 Sovereign 4th effigy potrait, COA 3743

16) 2015 Sovereign 5th effigy potrait, COA XX23

17) 2014 Portrait of Britain 4-pc Silver Proof set, COA 0644

18) 2015 Winston Churchill Silver Piedfort and standard, COA N/A

19) 2014 Lunar Horse and Britannia Mule error, 2 horse, 1 britannia. in a 6-pc box, 3 regular BU.


20) 2015 Greek Mythology, Cerberus, COA. 0169

21) 2014 Endangered Spicies, Black Rhinoceros, COA 0221

22) Marco Polo, #0140, #0148


23) 2016 Niue PAMP 5oz Monkey COA 371 edged

24) 2015 Niue PAMP 5oz Goat Silver Proof, Edge numbered, COA #357


25) 2013 Perth Mint Lunar II Snake Proof 1oz, COA # 0689

26) 2015 Perth Mint Lunar II Sheep Proof 1oz, COA #1189

27) Perth Mint Aphorodite#0001, 0986, 1061.

28) Perth Mint Hades 2oz COA #1040

29) Gods of Olympus Zeus COA 0395

30) Gods of Olympus Poseidon COA 0150.

31) Perth Mint 2014 Horse of Lore And Legend 3 coin set, COA 1216 COA 1218

32) Perth Mint The Ship That Never Sails, Moby Dick, The Pequod, COA 0131

33) Perth Mint The Ship That Never Sails, The Flying Dutchman, COA 0153

34) Perth Mint The Ship That Never Sails, Dracula, The Demeter, COA 0283

35) Perth Mint The Ship That Never Sails, Peter Pan, The Jolly Roger, COA 0502