Superman managed a huge multi-coin smash-hit release by the Royal Canadian Mint, encompassing everything from vintage gold to modern hologram and lenticular silver. Admittedly it was his 75th, but Spiderman’s 50th seems to have passed by relatively unheralded. One of Marvels biggest draws, with massive-hit movies, multiple television series and a literal library of comic books, the low-profile seems completely at odds with the potential.

The only coin we’ve seen was this one, issued for Niue and limited to just 5,000 pieces. The coin is nice and clean, sporting some good artwork, but we feel a bit more could have been done considering the multi-decade history of the character.


Minted to proof quality, this 40.7mm, 1oz, 0.999 silver coin is housed within a special Spider-man metal presentation case, arrayed with comic-book images. It comes with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


APMEX in the United States have an exclusive 25 coins with the certificate signed by Stan Lee himself (on the right, below). It sells for around four-times the cost of one without, so only you can decide how good a deal that is. Certainly a rare one.