Quick update 2

Apologies for the slow updates over the last couple of weeks. On top of everything going on, my PC got worse and because you get kind of used to it, you think its normal. Anyway, to keep things short, thanks to a couple of readers and advertisers, I managed to build a new PC over the weekend which is now up and running. To say the difference is noticeable would be an understatement. I have to replace the GPU and the monitor is hanging on after 14 years, but both can wait and work well enough for now.

I still have some software to get on and tuned, but I’m nearly there and things should get back to normal over the next couple of days (at least, what passes for normal these days…). I feel we’ve lost a little variety over the last few months, so getting that back will be good. Also, a couple of big guides that were stressing my old abacus can now get done, so we’ll let you know about those shortly.

Yet to be done is a cleaning up of our image files, which require better filing and backup (currently over 200,000 files!), and our mail accounts. We’ll get there. Thanks for your patience and I hope all is as well as can be in these frustrating times.