Queens Beasts series stays on top of its game with a superb Black Bull of Clarence issue

Time for the fourth of the ten-coin Queens Beasts series of coins to make its debut and it’s the Black Bull of Clarence. As before, there’s a wide range of sizes available in the proof range, although the bullion coin range will continue as before. The silver two-ounce bullion coin isn’t available in proof form and the one-ounce silver proof has no bullion equivalent. A strange anomaly, but one unlikely to change now.

The full range of eight sizes encompasses four gold and four silver coins. Prices for the former are £475.00, £1795.00, £8450.00 and £49995.00 in order of size. That represents a £200 saving on the 5oz Unicorn coin and a £30 drop on the 1oz, but the more common ¼oz coins have risen by £20 inexplicably. The silver coins come in at £85.00, £415.00, £795.00 and £1995.00 in order of size. That’s a drop of £55 on the kilo, but the rest remain as the last issue.

The coins are available now from the Royal Mint site or from dealers around the world like site sponsors Minted-UK. It’s another gorgeous coin by Jody Clark and as a personal view, we think this is shaping up to be one of the finest coin series for decades. Free of gimmickry – a modern classic in the making.



The Queen’s Beasts appeared together for the first time in 1953 at Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation and now, during its 65th anniversary, you too can own a piece of British royal history.

The Black Bull of Clarence is synonymous with power and strength and is thought to have featured on the shields of the Yorkist army that defeated the House of Lancaster in 1461, making Edward IV the first Yorkist king of England. The bull started to appear on coins and the Royal Arms during the 1560s when Elizabeth I ordered the recoinage of all silver coins.

$2 UKP 0.9999 SILVER 32.21 g 38.61 mm PROOF 5,750 6,000
$10 UKP 0.9999 SILVER 156.295 g 65.0 mm PROOF 500 700
$10 UKP 0.9999 SILVER 313.00 g 65.0 mm PROOF 600 700
$500 UKP 0.9999 SILVER 1005.0 g 100.00 mm PROOF 100 150
$25 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 7.8 g 22.00 mm PROOF 1,500 1,500
$100 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 31.21 g 32.69 mm PROOF 400 500
$500 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 156.295 g 50.0 mm PROOF 75 85
$1000 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 1005.0 g 100.0 mm PROOF 7 10