Powercoin’s ‘Cyborg Revolution’ silver coin series is back with a baby, the next stage of our enforced evolution?

Last years ‘Cyborg Revolution’ coin, from Italian producer & dealer, Powercoin, was an intensely bright and intense depiction of a cyborg alien, come to Earth on a mission of conquest. The five-coin series, issued one per annum, is meant to follow an invasion, so after seeing the antagonist last year, what does 2022 have in store for us?

Gaining a foothold on our planet, the cyborg-aliens attempt to transform humanity into a hybrid man-machine as well, and they’re starting with breeding their own. The coin depicts a human embryo in the late stages of development, already extensively augmented with technology, and growing inside an artificial environment. What’s being done to the child is yet to be revealed, but it likely won’t bode well for the rest of humanity. It retains the intense colouration that made the 2021 coin so noticeable, and there looks to be lashings of smartminted high-relief on this reverse face.

The common obverse returns, continuing the hi-tech look, and with that impressive depressed area in the centre of this face. That central area is set aside for the issue details, including the national shield emblem of Palau, almost like an inset mini-coin. The whole coin has a black proof finish, developed by the creators of Smartminting, CIT/BH Mayer. All told, a real in-your-face treat for sci-fi fans, and something original, rather than licenced from a big movie franchise.

It will be fascinating to see where they go with this series, especially given next year’s coin is titled ‘Cyborg Dog’!! This will be followed in 2024 with ‘Cyborg Total War’, and the series will conclude in 2025 with ‘Cyborg Earth’. The mintage of this two-ounce silver coin is capped at 499 pieces, and it will come presented in the same type of floating frame as last year’s release. A nice change from Powercoin’s usual fine art and literature themes.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 93.3 grams
FINISH Black proof
MODIFICATIONS Smartminting, UHR, colour
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes