Powercoin extends its Micromosaic Passion, and Cyborg Revolution series with five classic ladies and an angry doggy

Along with their Micropuzzle Treasure series, Micromosaic Passion was an interesting concept whereby finely struck lines, in conjunction with high-quality colour, gave the impression the image was built up of smaller pieces. The puzzle coins were very well done, but we particularly liked the mosaic ones for the flowing pieces, expertly realised to form a greater whole.

Like the puzzle range, the mosaic series has effectively ended, but again, like the puzzle coins, Powercoin has issued a big special commemorative edition, to round it out. The five earlier issues each depicted a classic piece of art featuring a woman, and for this piece, they’ve cleverly taken the respective ladies and combined them into a single, multi-headed portrait.

All the old signature features return, just in 80 mm diameter, five-ounce form. A novel idea, it looks well done, and if you missed out on one or more of the originals, this is a neat way to catch-up. Probably a lot cheaper as well, given prices on the five prior issues have risen quite healthily. Boxed with a COA, and available to order now.

Also back, is Powercoin’s ‘Cyborg Revolution’, with the third of five coins in the series, the 2023 issue, now available to order. This is an altogether more original set of designs, with quite a bit of variety between each issue. Following Cyborg Alien, and Cyborg Baby, we have Cyborg Dog, an especially striking interpretation of an ‘enhanced’ canine.

The biomechanical look is well done, and flows well with the shape of the coin. Smartminted for detail, and enhanced with a subdued colour palette, this is turning into an eclectic ride, with Cyborg Total War due next year, before finishing in 2025 with Cyborg Earth. Will we win? Doesn’t look like it, but who can tell at this point. Presented in a themed ‘floating’ frame, this three-ounce silver coin has a mintage of 499 pieces.

DENOMINATION $20 Palau $20 Palau
COMPOSITION 155.5 grams of 0.999 silver 93.3 grams of 0.999 silver
DIMENSIONS 80.0 mm 55.0 mm
FINISH Proof Black Proof
MODIFICATIONS Smartminting, Colour Smartminting, Colour
MINTAGE 499 499