TUDOR BEASTS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint


TUDOR BEASTS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint We think it’s fair to say that the Royal Mint’s ‘Queen’s beasts’ series has been one of the most popular and admired coin series in recent years, especially in the bullion realm. Tudor Beast’s has an identical base concept. Take ten of the most powerful and iconic heraldic beasts from history, and then have a talented coin designer reinterpret them for a numismatic canvas. The Queen’s Beasts dipped back in time just a few decades, but for this series we’re going back half a millennium for inspiration. Let’s [...]

BRITISH MONARCHS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint


BRITISH MONARCHS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint This is one of those releases we always look forward to. The Royal Mint has produced this multi-year programme of coins tapping into Britain’s rich history, in the same vein as recent numismatic hits like the Queen’s Beasts, the Tudor Beasts, and the Great Engravers series. They almost always exhibit sky-high standards of design and execution, and this five-year, 21-coin series, looks to be no exception. Called the ‘British Monarchs Collection’, it will span the Royal Houses of Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, and finally the current mob, Saxe-Coburg, Gotha & [...]

GREAT BRITAIN A-Z (2018) by the Royal Mint


Royal Mint releases 26 new coins to mark the new 10p coin with an A to Z of Britain It seems the Royal Mint has decided that a five-coin range isn't enough and has gone full blast with a new 26-coin series called The A-Z of Britain. Similar in concept to the Royal Australian Mints A-Z nature set, all coins were released simultaneously, but could be bought individually. Each depicts an aspect of British life, or at least a popularised romantic view of it. All are struck in 6.5 grams of sterling 0.925 silver and [...]

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