DEADLY AND DANGEROUS (2006-) by the Perth Mint


DEADLY AND DANGEROUS (2006-) by the Perth Mint While a pretty standard specification for a Perth Mint series of coins, Deadly and Dangerous captured the imagination of collectors everywhere when the first coin debuted back in 2006. The main reason for this was the striking depiction of a Redback Spider gracing it. Australian wildlife has a deserved reputation for having a varied range of species seemingly dedicated to causing us pain, discomfort and death. A mix of venoms and sheer physical brutality marks out this menagerie of mayhem, so clearly a great subject for a series [...]

ESOTERIC CENTRES ANTIQUED (2015-) by the Perth Mint


2015+ ESOTERIC CENTRES ANTIQUED by the Perth Mint This guide is a little different to our others in that the subject isn't strictly a consistent series, more a loose collection that's built up over the last half decade. The two-ounce antique-finished coin has been around for ages, but arguably, it was the Perth Mint that popularised it to the level it now occupies when it issued the first in its Gods of Olympus series - Zeus - back in 2014. It was the following year when the Perth Mint applied the format to something [...]

GODS & GODDESSES (2014-2017) by the Perth Mint


2014-2017 GODS & GODDESSES by the Perth Mint Antique finish and a high-relief strike, two-ounce (62.2g) in weight, and featuring ancient mythology as a subject matter. This is a pretty good description of one of the hottest trends in commemorative coins over the last couple of years and here's a guide to the series that kicked it all off. Launching in early 2014 with little fanfare, Zeus, the first in the Gods of Olympus trilogy, came out of nowhere and became a hit. It took a few days for word to spread, but it wasn't [...]

FAMOUS FANTASY SHIPS (2013-2016) by the Perth Mint


Famous Fantasy Ships, also called Ships That Never Sailed, is an eight coin series of one-ounce silver coins. Struck by the Perth Mint for European distributor, Modern Numismatics International, each entrant depicts a fictional vessel made famous in popular literary works. While the Perth Mint is well known for its use of selective colour on its many ranges of proof silver coins, Fantasy Ships is free of the distraction. First launched in 2013, the series recently wrapped in 2016 with the launch of a collection edition carrying all eight coins in a single larger box. Individual coins came in a [...]

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