SHAPES OF WILDLIFE (2018-2020) by MDM Deutsche Munzen


SHAPES OF WILDLIFE (2018-2020) by MDM Wholesale It was CIT Coin Invest that pioneered the use of laser-cutting apertures in coins with the quite superb award-winning Mongolian Nature coin back in 2013. It's surprising that the technique hasn't been employed on a wider basis, although we understand that doing it well is harder than it looks. The NZ Post had a Kiwi issue three years ago, and that was struck/cut by BH Mayer - the same mint responsible for bringing the CIT productions to reality. We first saw images of the debut African series when [...]

GOLDEN ENIGMA BULLION (2012-2015) by Allcollect


One style of numismatic that seems to be particularly prevalent in Europe are bullion coins that have been subject to aftermarket modifications. This could take the form of selective gilding or colouring to the relief, or especially the background of a coins face. Rarely there might be holograms or inserts, perhaps even combinations of the different processes. What is true is that the majority of them are simply hideous. Ill conceived and poorly realised, there are some true horrors out there, admittedly along with some that are decent enough if that's your thing. Standing out from [...]

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