TUDOR BEASTS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint


TUDOR BEASTS (2022-2026) by The Royal Mint We think it’s fair to say that the Royal Mint’s ‘Queen’s beasts’ series has been one of the most popular and admired coin series in recent years, especially in the bullion realm. Tudor Beast’s has an identical base concept. Take ten of the most powerful and iconic heraldic beasts from history, and then have a talented coin designer reinterpret them for a numismatic canvas. The Queen’s Beasts dipped back in time just a few decades, but for this series we’re going back half a millennium for inspiration. Let’s [...]

FINE ART BI/TRI-METAL MAX (2021-) by Precious Metal Collectors


FINE ART BI/TRI-METAL MAX (2021-) by Precious Metal Collectors It was back in 2020 that Precious Metal Collectors, along with designers Spectres, debuted their Bi-Metal Max technique. While we usually just roll our eyes when we hear buzz-words like this, in this case, it really makes a difference. The problem with big silver coins - those of kilo-plus weight - is cost, with the typical one-kilo numismatic often emptying the wallet to the tune of 2,500 Euro, or more. This leads to producers not wanting to take on the risk of making such coins, [...]

DUTCH CASTLES DUCATS (2020-2023) by Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt


DUTCH CASTLES DUCATS (2020-2023) by Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt We have to go back to 1586 for the birth of the Ducat coin in the Netherlands and to 1659 for its introduction in silver and today, centuries later, they’re still being produced with the same weight, composition and general design, although now for collectors. Spread around the world by the dominance of Dutch international trade, it's an icon of numismatics. The Royal Dutch Mint has long issued modern silver ducats, often in themed sets and following ‘Twelve Provinces’ comes 'Dutch Castles' These are fundamentally different [...]

NUMISMATIC ICONS (2020-) by CIT Coin Invest


NUMISMATIC ICONS (2020-) by CIT Coin Invest When coins themed around the ancient world are issued, nearly all have been modern interpretations of old myths. There's a small number that look at the achievements of the first civilisations, but most bury themselves in the rich mythological tapestry, but reimagined by 21st century eyes.In 2020, CIT tipped that idea on its head, by using that same 21st century technology to reinvigorate ancient coin designs. What we're getting with this series is fundamentally an ancients view of their own myths and legends, without several millennia of bias [...]



THE GREAT GREEK MYTHOLOGY (2022-2025) by Mint XXI It’s fair to say the ancient world has been comprehensively mined for inspiration in the coin world, and with a standard of quality that’s sky-high. Such luminaries as CIT, Mint of Poland, Mint XXI, Numiscollect, and more, have issued some quite superb designs over the last few years, but equally, the genre has been blighted with many incomplete and abandoned series, ill-defined in scope, which leave collectors frustrated. However, Mint XXI has launched ‘The Great Greek Mythology’ series, consisting of an ambitious 36 coins, released over [...]

ARMOURED VEHICLES (2022-2024) by the Czech Mint


ARMOURED VEHICLES (2022-2024) by the Czech Mint In 2022, the Czech Mint debuted a new four-coin series featuring one of my favourite things – tanks. This isn’t as popular a subject in numismatic circles, with military hardware seemingly less popular than ever, hardly surprising given what’s been going on around the world lately. However, the history of the first half of the 20th century has been a rich source of inspiration for coin issues, and the rise of armoured vehicles a key influence on the direction of warfare in the period. The series is [...]

9 DRAGONS (2024) by Mint of MK


9 DRAGONS (2024) by Mint of MK Although relatively new, producer MK have already made quite a splash with just their first two releases. The first was the size of a dinner plate, and the second actually was one, so we do expect ambitious design when we get news of a new one. We certainly got it with this new Nine Dragons range, and just in time for the Lunar Year of the Dragon in 2024. The series is called '9 Dragons' and takes a selection of Asian dragons of lore, each with a unique [...]

MINT. TRADING COINS (2023-) by the New Zealand Mint


MINT. TRADING COINS (2023-) by the New Zealand Mint Called Mint Trading Coins, they basically take the age-old swapping idea from baseball and bubblegum cards, and applies it to silver coins. Each range consists of 51 coins depicting characters from a specific media franchise. So far, we had Star Wars as the first series, and Marvel Comics as the second, with DC Comics dropping as the first of 2024. So far, of the set of 51 coins, 50 are one-ounce silver, with one a quarter-ounce gold. The coins are sold in a sealed black box which [...]

TAROT MAJOR ARCANA (2021-) by the New Zealand Mint


TAROT MAJOR ARCANA (2021-) by the New Zealand Mint For at least 600 years, a pack of cards called The Tarot, have been used to play games across parts of Europe, starting in Italy. However, starting in 18th century France, the cards captured the attention of occultists, and from there, the Tarot deck took on two distinct forms.Today, most interest in the cards is centred around their occult use in divining the future. The deck in this case is made up of 78 cards. Of those, 56 are divided up into four suits, each composed of [...]

TEXTURED FINE ART RANGES (2017) by Powercoin


TEXTURED FINE ART RANGES (2017) by Powercoin Much admired on its debut, especially by us here at AgAuNEWS, Powercoin's first Great Micromosaic Passion coin did something different with the generally conservative fine-art genre. The use of a cleanly defined texture to impart a unique look has lifted the often stale procession of masterpieces coins we usually get, and to great effect. They followed the success of the series with a companion range turning artworks into jigsaw puzzles, which turned out to be equally popular. Recently, we've seen the mosaic series kick-off a second series, [...]

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