MOMENTS OF LOVE (2019) by Mint XXI


MOMENTS OF LOVE (2019) by Mint XXI It isn't often we see a subject like sex featured in its own coin series. Hinted at perhaps, but not front and centre (no pun intended...). If you're going to do it respectfully, then showcase the classic text on the subject, the Indian work, Kama Sutra. This is an ancient text, tracing its roots back well over 2,000 years, and sets out the ways to garner maximum pleasure from the act of procreation.Mint XXI is no stranger to nudity on its coins, offering some superb examples of ancient [...]

PLANETS & GODS (2019-) by Mint XXI


PLANETS & GODS (2019-) by Mint XXI What happens when you combine two popular coin themes into one? You get something like Mint XXI's 'Planets & Gods' series of three ounce silver coins. Mixing together the popular ancient mythology and the astronomy genres, they've produced an attractive and clever range of coins linking together the planets of our Solar System, with the ancient gods that gave them their names. Launching in 2019 with Mercury, each coin features a representation of the ancient god, usually in the style of a statue of the period, overlaid on [...]

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