SILVER NIOBIUM (2003-) by the Austrian Mint


SILVER NIOBIUM (2003-) by the Austrian Mint A global innovation when launched almost a decade ago, these 25 euro silver niobium coins still combine state-of-the-art numismatic technology and first-rate aesthetic design. First issued in 2003, their silver outer ring and coloured niobium ‘pill’, which is attained by oxidation as opposed to the application of artificial colour, have provided the perfect backdrop for exploring suitably technological themes, from astronomy to aviation, robotics to renewable energy and electric light to television. Although as common as lead and even present in the human body, niobium was only discovered at [...]

AUSTRIA PIECE-BY-PIECE (2012-2016) by the Austrian Mint


AUSTRIA: PIECE BY PIECE by the Austrian Mint In a nice change from the usual way a national mint designs its coins, back in 2011 the Mint of Austria (Munze Osterreich) ran a competition for the children of Austria to design the reverse sides of a new ten-piece set of silver coins. The coin series was to be called Austria: Piece by Piece. Austria is a federation of nine provinces and the idea behind the series would be that each province would have a coin themed around it. The reverse face would depict popular items or [...]

KLIMT AND HIS WOMEN (2012-2016) by the Austrian Mint


2012-2016 KLIMT AND HIS WOMEN by the Austrian Mint With a debut back in 2012, the Austrian Mint embarked on a five-piece set of coins to be released one-per-year, featuring Gustav Klimt’s paintings, specifically from a particular phase of his career when women were the focus of his attention, called his “golden phase”. Titled Klimt and his Women, the 10g proof-finish coins have won multiple awards for their superb implementation. The second coin in the series, The Expectation, won the 2015 Krause Publications coin of the year award, and the third coin, Judith II, just won [...]

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