Project Description

2019+ PREDATORS by AllCollect

Not a name you would traditionally expect in the bullion coin market, AllCollect is a European producer known for its more exotic style, employing unusual techniques for its issues. They’re particularly known for their minigold, huge art issues, and as one of the first to enter the now burgeoning modified bullion coin market, with their pretty ‘Golden Enigma’ series. Obviously, their foray into bullion was going to be a bit different.

At it’s core, ‘Predators’ doesn’t stray far from the formula used by others in recent years. One ounce of fine silver in weight, round, and with a 15,000 mintage, is standard stuff, and most stackers seem to prefer it that way. What AllCollect have chosen to do to differentiate themselves is to employ multiple finishes and give the finished article a unique look. As you can tell from the series title, the subjects here are the great predatory animals from all classes of wildlife, but the coin layout remains consistent.

The background field of each issue has a prooflike (mirror) finish, and the animal and the ground itself is done in a matt finish. The imprint (paw, stinger etc.) is partly incused and part-finished in reverse-proof. The rest of the coin, including the obverse, is struck to a brilliant uncirculated standard. The obverse has the attractive emblem of the issuing nation, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Formerly known as Zaire, the DRC is actually the eleventh largest country in the world by surface area.

At the time of starting this bullion coin profile, there are three designs available, each with a mintage capped at 15,000 pieces. The subject choice hints at a good mix moving forward, with an arachnid, a canid and a felid chosen so far. We’ve seen early renders for sixteen different coins, although how many of those will actually be produced isn’t known at present, and the selection is a fine one, encompassing most types of wildlife. All the coins come with a certificate of authenticity, although sans any form of packaging outside of a capsule. Premiums are a bit higher than usual, a consequence of the limited mintage and enhanced strike no doubt.There are plans to expand this concept further, which we’ll report about when ready.






DENOMINATION 20 Francs (DR Congo)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated
MINTAGE 15,000