Pobjoy continue their relationship using the ultra-strong metal Titanium with the release of a new set of three coins under the theme Ocean Zones. Each of the three coins depicts life under the sea in one of three depths. The Daylight coin features creatures that live at or near the surface of the oceans, the Twilight coin those animals that live deeper down, and the Midnight coin the weirder animals that inhabit the very depths of our great bodies of water.

Pobjoy have made all three coins available in sterling silver also, but the titanium versions are the more interesting. Each is unique as the coloured titanium reacts to the strike slightly differently each time apparently, and the mint has decided to use shades of blue for each coin, appropriately enough. The titanium coins weigh only 10g, not surprising given that its density is less than half that of silvers and a quarter that of gold. The silver versions are a standard ounce in weight each (28.28g) and come packaged in a coin box inside a coloured shipper with an enclosed Certificate of Authenticity.

The silver coins are £41.63 pre-tax ($60USD, €54), with the titanium at £37.46. While titanium is worth just a fraction of silver, the incredible strength of the material means the cost to strike is much higher. A single die may be able to strike 500 silver coins, but it wont last a fraction of that for titanium. This goes some way to explaining why it isn’t a popular metal for coins, despite being inert and very tough, ideal properties one would’ve thought. Acupro-nickel version is also available. All are up for sale now.


The oceanic zone is divided into three sections. The epipelagic zone, which is also known as the Daylight zone and receives enough sunlight to support photosynthesis; the mesopelagic zone, which is also known as the Twilight zone and only has a scarce amount of light; the bathypelagic, or Midnight zone which makes up 90% of the ocean and no light penetrates its boundaries.

The range of animals amongst the three zones is diverse and, especially in the lower zones, quite unusual. There are three coins in the series each representing a different zone and featuring the creatures that live in them.

  • The design on this coin features the Daylight Zone which displays a dolphin breaking the surface of the water with a Cod Icefish, a Patagonian Toothfish and some Krill swimming below.
  • The design on this coin features the Twilight Zone which displays images of a Barreleye fish, a Comb Jelly, a Lantern fish and a Snipe Eel in a stunning ocean blue titanium finish.
  • The design on this coin features the Midnight Zone which shows an Angler fish, a Jellyfish, a Spookfish and a Vampire Squid in a stunning dark blue titanium finish.

To emphasise the amount of light in each zone and to differentiate the three coins, each coin is being produced in a different shade of blue titanium. Titanium is exceptionally difficult to strike and because of the way the coloured Titanium reacts when striking, no Titanium coin is exactly the same. There is also a lined effect that is present on the coins which is unique to this metal.

Also available in sterling silver, each coin is produced to the highest quality and struck four times to produce a stunning “proof” finish.




£2 0.925 SILVER 28.28 g 38.60 mm PROOF 10,000 YES / YES
£2 0.990 TITANIUM 10.0 g 36.10 mm PROOF 5,000 YES / YES