Perth Mint release a neat 12-coin collectors box to hold the new Lunar Series III coin range


With the advent of the Perth Mints new Lunar Series III bullion range, it’s nice to see the mint consider some display options at the beginning. The product of choice is a 12-coin box with a clear acrylic lid and an outer shipper that will sell for $75.00 AUD.

A black velveteen pillowed interior allows all of the 12 coins to nestle in evenly, and there are pouches to hold certificates of authenticity – obviously unnecessary if you’re collecting the bullion variants. A clear acrylic lid sits over the coins, thus making displaying them supremely easy. We like this. It shows foresight on their part, and an appreciation of the fact these coins are long-term collectable. Available from 01st October.

There is one issue we have at present. All of the product information we have for the box talks about one for the 1oz silver coins and one for the 1oz gold. You might have noticed that the images depict 1oz silver and 2oz silver types instead. We’ll have more information on Monday, hopefully, to clear up the discrepancy, but we reckon one silver and one gold to be more likely. We’ll also try to find out if the inserts are removable.