Perth Mint releases a good selection for April including some fine antiqued coins

A better than usual mix from the Perth Mint this month with some new additions to ongoing series, some high-end variants to their iconic bullion coins, and some new designs. There are also a couple of other interesting coins, some commissioned, that we’ll look at elsewhere and the the Ready Player One movie coins that we covered yesterday. All the below are available to order now.

Of the additions to ongoing series, these include a Daffy Duck coin that joins the Scooby Doo one released earlier this year in the mints new range of coins for their Warner Brothers licence. A simple half-ounce silver coin with some colour, it’s nevertheless a great look at this iconic animated character. The other big addition is to the mints five-year ANZAC Spirit coloured coin range. Fifteen half-ounce coins make up the set and these are the final three. Those that subscribed should have a full bully tin now. Covering 1918, the Armistice obviously features heavily, although the tank coin is the one that we like the most.

Just a two-ounce gold Wedge Tailed Eagle proof high-relief coin on offer as a nod to the mints many popular bullion coin designs. This John Mercanti-penned piece looks great, but at almost six-grand and with a 250 mintage, not one for most. There are and will continue to be many more affordable variants made available and we’d definitely recommend getting this design in one form or another as it’s a great addition to the series and we’ve heard one that will only be available in 2018.

As for all-new designs, a symbolic piece commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is the least adventurous, but seems perfectly designed for that particular market where symbolism is all important. A silver and two gold formats are up for grabs with the design remaining the same on all. The Kookaburra coin is another in the mints second favourite format and one that it helped popularise – the two ounce, rimless, antiqued high relief coin. We’ve been impressed by the Kangaroo and Koala releases that the mint has issued in the same format and this is another fine one in our view, Free of inscription and packed full of detail, it makes a nice change from the bullion coin design ethos.

Lastly, in a nod to the upcoming First World War Armistice anniversary, is a beautiful remembrance piece struck in five ounces of silver but using the look of the smaller two-ounce antiqued coins. Also rimless, the design showcases elements of the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial in such a way that the coin doesn’t have a ‘right-way up’. In a first for the mint, the antique finish is complemented by a coloured depiction of the dome of the hall (designed by an Australian WWI veteran who lost an arm in France) in the coins centre. All in all, a fine piece. Not cheap at $500 AUD, but that’s offset by a mintage of just 300 pieces.


COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 155.533 g
SIZE 55.50 mm
FINISH Antique
DESIGNER Lucas Bowers
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $499.00

A significant addition to The ANZAC Spirit 100th Anniversary Coin Series, this coin is a stunning display of The Perth Mint’s meticulous craftsmanship. A beautiful tribute to our service men and women, the coin’s design includes the inscriptions AUDACITY, DEVOTION, COMRADESHIP and CHIVALRY. These are among the qualities honoured in the stained glass windows in the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial.  At the heart of the coin is a coloured depiction of the detailed Byzantine style dome of the hall.

In a first for The Perth Mint, this coin features coloured details with an antiqued finish. This triumph in craftsmanship was achieved to represent the magnificent intricacies of the artwork featured in the dome of the Hall Of Memory, with an antiqued finish to convey the historic nature of the coin’s ANZAC centenary theme. To further enhance the detail of the coins design it has been struck in high relief to a rimless format.


COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 15.553 g
SIZE 32.60 mm
DESIGNER Warner Bros
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $75.00 AUD

Enjoy a new American animation’s golden age with this coin featuring a classic image of one of its best-loved characters, DAFFY DUCK, peering intently from the concentric rings of the Looney Tunes logo. This vibrantly coloured coin follows the successful BUGS BUNNY release and is the perfect prompt to share the zany humour of the cartoons with youngsters. Look out for more upcoming releases celebrating other famous creations by the iconic cartoon producer.

Each coin is presented in a clear acrylic case and Looney Tunes themed packaging and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Coins to follow are Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Sylvestor the Cat and Tasmanian Devil.


COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 62.213 g
SIZE 40.60 mm
FINISH Antique
DESIGNER Natasha Muhl
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $199.00 AUD

A wonderful memento of Perth, this coin depicts, in superb high relief, a kookaburra flying in Kings Park with the Western Australian capital’s skyline in the background. Known as Australia’s ‘king of the bush’, kookaburras are also popular inhabitants of urban areas, including Perth’s glorious 400 hectares of open space on the edge of its CBD.

The coin’s reverse of the coin depicts a kookaburra flying in Perth’s Kings Park with the city skyline in the background. The design includes the inscription AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA, The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark, and the 2018 year-date.

To capture the depth and detail of the design, the coin is struck in high relief to a rimless format, and has been individually ‘antiqued’ to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact. As a result of this treatment the appearance of each coin may vary.


COMPOSITION 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 62.23 g
SIZE 36.60 mm
DESIGNER John M. Mercanti
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $5,749.00 AUD

A magnificent addition to any collection, our 2018 Wedge-tailed Eagle design is a delightful representation of a family of Australia’s unique birds with the detailed design showcased in superb high relief.

Portrayed on the coin in remarkable detail is a mother looking down at her chick with the father in full flight behind them as he hunts for food. His magnificent wingspan and the species’ distinctive diamond shaped tail is splendidly represented and enhanced by the coin’s high relief finish.

This 2018 edition is the fifth wedge-tailed eagle coin designed by John M. Mercanti, the 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, who has also designed The Perth Mint’s wedge-tailed eagle coins since 2014. During his stellar career Mercanti created the reverse design of the sought-after American Silver Eagle bullion coin and produced more coin and medal designs than any other employee in the history of the U.S. Mint.


COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver 0.9999 gold 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 31.107 g 7.777 g 62.213 g
SIZE 40.60 mm 20.60 mm 41.10 mm
MINTAGE 5,000 750 250
DESIGNER Natasha Muhl
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $99.00 AUD $799.00 AUD $5,749.00 AUD

To celebrate 65 years since the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Perth Mint proudly presents this splendid coin featuring symbols of the British monarchy alongside representations of the floral emblem of Australia, the golden wattle, as well as the official flower of each Australian state and territory. The coin honours the deeply respected Queen’s record as the longest reigning monarch in British history.

With her tireless devotion to public and charity work, Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the world’s most revered monarchs. Even before she ascended the throne Her Majesty was admired for volunteering as a military truck driver and mechanic during World War II, and after the pomp and ceremony of her coronation in 1953, the young royal brought hope to a nation still enduring hardships following the end of the war. She has since carried out her duties with grace and steadfastness, maintain a full schedule of engagements into her 90s. Throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth II has travelled extensively throughout the Commonwealth, where she has remained an important figurehead and symbol of stability during an era of extraordinary social change.


The final set in our ANZAC Spirit series, these three thoughtfully designed and beautifully detailed coins portray the end of World War I by honouring the sacrifices made during the final months of the conflict, marking 11 November and depicting the return home of surviving servicemen.

The Battle of Hamel
This coin features a representation of a tank, which was used for the first time as a “creeping barrage” under the command of one of Australia’s greatest war leaders, Lieutenant General John Monash, in the pivotal Battle of Hamel in July 1918.

Armistice Day
The second coin in this set commemorates Armistice Day when hostilities ceased at 11am on 11 November 1918, and features two Australian soldiers celebrating the guns falling silent with a clock in the background marking the 11th hour as well as a poppy, the flower of remembrance.

Return to Family
More than 416,000 Australian men, or about 38.7% of the total male population aged between 18 and 44, had enlisted in World War I. Sixty thousand of these men would never return home and tens of thousands more were wounded. The Return to Family coin depicts the warm embrace shared by an Australian returned serviceman and his family as he is welcomed home, along with a red poppy.

The three-coin set is presented in a round tray which fits inside a beautifully illustrated shipper featuring First World War photography, and is accompanied by a booklet containing information and imagery from the Great War. The booklet incorporates a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 15.553 g x3
SIZE 32.60 mm
FINISH Proof w/colour
DESIGNER Wade Robinson and Ing Ing Jong
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
PRICE $189.00 AUD