PAMP return to the classic Fender Stratocaster, following the silver guitar pick with a new shaped coin

The homage to the great musicians favourite – the great Fender guitars – continues from MTB/PAMP with their latest issue in the range. They’ve already released some various silver guitar picks, which were actually functional (Brian May used a metal pick, I believe), but this time they’ve gone fuull on miniature.

This is the first in a two-coin series, and recreates the legendary fender Stratocaster. The second issue will give us the almost as famous Telecaster. It’s an extremely well done miniature, with what lappears to be tons of fine detail. It certainly looks like something the musically inclined will appreciate, which given these sold out at the mint on release, is a fairly safe assumption.

They’re issued for the Solomon Islands, and the obverse carries the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, lead guitarist on the band ‘The Royaling Stones’… There’s a series of concentric rings on this face, no doubt emulating a sound wave, perhaps. It all fits in with the theme really well. Presentation looks neat, right down to the custom capsule, and the one-ounce coin has a mintage of just 2,500 pieces. A sound release. Party on dudes!


The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC, or simply Fender) is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Fender produces acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers and public address equipment, but is best known for its solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars, particularly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass. The company was founded in Fullerton, California by Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender in 1946. Its headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 1950, Fender introduced the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar, the Telecaster (“Tele”) (originally named the Broadcaster for two-pickup models and Esquire for single-pickup). Following its success, Fender created the first mass-produced electric bass, the Precision Bass (P-Bass). In August, 1954, Fender unveiled the Stratocaster (“Strat”) guitar. With the Telecaster and Precision Bass having been on the market for some time, Leo Fender was able to incorporate input from working musicians into the Stratocaster’s design.(Wikipedia)

DENOMINATION $2 Solomon Islands
COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 29.5 x 86.5 mm
FINISH Reverse proof
MODIFICATIONS Colour, shaped
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes