Our superguide to the 2019 Lunar Year of the Pig has kicked off with its first releases

An annual event here, except for missing the Year of the Monkey (or minkey, if you’re Inspector Clouseau), the AgAuNEWS Superguide to Lunar coins now tackles the Pig. While it doesn’t start until next February, lunar coins have been appearing earlier and earlier every year. We’re not sure why this is – we’d have thought that the coins issued furthest away from the actual event would be the first to be forgotten, but I guess the producers know better.

There is already a decent selection and of course, we’ll keep it updated as the year progresses. There are tons more to come, with the Perth Mint due to debut the last in its Lunar Series II range next month, and the Royal Mint to launch its latest Shengxiao Lunar. We’ll give the Year of the Dog guide a refresh shortly as well, as new ones do still appear from time to time. Enjoy the Year of the Pig Superguide.